1. I’m not located in Virginia.  Can we still use your services?
Of course!  In this world of technology most of our work is done online or over the phone.  Please do not hesitate to contact eTripits with any questions or vacation ideas you may have.  Quotes and documents can be provided via email, so regardless of where you are we can help!  Of course, if you’re in the area in-person meetings are welcome!  All travel documents can be provided in hard copy format via mail or delivery if requested.

2. How much does it cost?
Travel agents book travel for customers and are paid by suppliers through commission on the booking.  For things that do not pay a commission, a travel agent can charge the client a service fee for the agent’s time.  NO service fees will be added to travel bookings without prior consent from the client and clear communication from the travel agent.

3. What are your guarantees?

  • eTripits appreciates each client that we have, and will make sure that you are 100% satisfied, or we’ll make every accommodation within our power to make it right.
  • NO hidden charges. We will be upfront about all additional charges BEFORE you confirm them. You have every right to question/comment on charges on the provided invoice.
  • Efficient and friendly service will be provided at all times – responses to phone calls and emails should be returned within the same business day and all interactions with clients will be positive and friendly!
  • eTripits is here for you 24/7.  If you are on a vacation booked through us, you can call at any hour for assistance and it is our job to help remedy the situation to the best of our ability.

4. What form of payments are accepted?
For Travel Planning services, payment is made directly to the hotel, car rental, tour provider, airline, etc.  Each company accepts major credit cards for easy payment.  eTripits will provide the client a list of payment options for the specific service, operator, business or company as many of our partners accept multiple payments which will be discussed at the time of booking.


Some deposits and fees may be paid directly to eTripits.  These can be paid using credit card, check or Paypal.  The agent will provide the specific details for payment before the consultation begins.

5. What about my privacy?
Your information will never be given to any third party businesses who are not directly related to the services you are requesting. Of course we’d need to provide certain information to hold your reservation at a local bar, or have a hotel room put in your name. However, we will never sell or give your email address, phone number, address, or any other personal information.  Please read more about our Privacy Policy.

6. What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation must be made within the policy, rules and regulations stated and agreed upon at the time of booking between the client at the company or business the travel was booked through.  Each company, business or service as their own cancellation policy and cancellation timeline.  They reserve the right to keep a percent, deposit, down payment, security deposit, or any other payment made if a cancellation is required.  Please read over all materials that are provided with your bookings by your agent.  eTripits cannot be held responsible for any charges or non-refundable portions of payments due to client cancellations or payment delays.

7. What is a home-based travel agent?
A home-based travel agent works for a parent or host company that provides IATA, CLIA, or ARC numbers for booking sites not available to the public.  Just like agents at AAA are able to use private computer systems and pricing software, a parent or hosting company provides these options to their home-based travel agents for a membership fee.  eTripits’ hosting agency, “Travel Quest” is based out of Minnesota and has an amazing team and over 200 travel partners to choose from.

We are also proud to be affiliated with Travel Leaders.

8. Do you have an office location?
No.  Being a home-based agent, all travel agent services are provided without the use of an office.  Local coffee shops and cafes stand-in for an office space should a client want to meet and discuss travel plans or other details.  Brick and mortar agencies have a lot of overhead costs with rent, utilities, custodial work, maintenance, etc. but eTripits is able to avoid these.

9. Do you offer Travel Insurance?
Yes!  Travel insurance options are provided through Travel Guard and more information will be provided based on the travel bookings.  Travel insurance is a very important factor when deciding upon your vacation and can make a world of difference when last-minute problems arise.  Travel insurance options can be very affordable and are always a smart idea to add to your vacation package.  Travel Guard insurance may not be available for all types of bookings, however eTripits can provide information on booking-specific insurance if requested.

10.  Are you insured?
Through the hosting agency “Travel Quest,” eTripits is covered by a shared $2 million Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy.  Errors and Omissions protects all types of travel, hospitality and tourism professionals if a client alleges that the travel agent was professionally negligent or failed to perform professional duties.  Please read all terms and conditions, policies and regulations, or any other “fine print” that is provided prior to booking you vacation.  eTripits cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances, problems, or issues that may arise including but not limited to medical or health related problems, natural disasters, random acts of God or nature, mechanical problems with equipment or machinery, lost or stolen items of passengers, safety and security of passengers while traveling.  Please read our Terms of Use for all information.