1. I personally know my customers and find out their likes/dislikes and what they are looking for to help tailor their vacation experience.  I strive to bring personal service back to travelers. I am here to put together your perfect custom itinerary so that preparing for the big trip is as relaxing as the trip itself.  I am not just here to find the best price and book your hotel room, I’m here to offer you the expert advice and guidance that only an experienced travel professional can offer.
  2.  I am your advocate.  The relationship doesn’t end once your travel is booked. I will answer any questions before, during and after your trip. If anything unexpected happens on your trip, there’s no waiting on hold for hours. You get a direct line to your personal travel consultant who already knows all the trip details and can help quickly sort out a solution.
  3.  I can recommend great ideas or tours for you based on personal experience.  The online agencies do not offer the personal experience like an agent.
  4.  I deal with reputable companies that are in business and provide good service.
  5.  Those that book through an online site are the first to get bumped and they are often placed in the worst possible rooms.  Some of my resorts suppliers have specific room blocks or buildings where clients are placed that are closer to the beach or pools.
  6.  I have more knowledge about a destination than the average person and can help you get the most out of your vacation. I offer you value added information like when hurricane season is, how important travel insurance is, how important it is to have a seat number on a flight so you do not get bumped, if there are travel warnings for the country to which you are traveling, what the currency is in the country you are visiting, etc.
  7.  Having someone else put together the details for your vacation is very convenient. You can spend hours searching for your perfect vacation or make a 10 minute phone call to me and have me do the work.
  8.  I have access to booking systems and discounts that the general public does not.  It is all about learning your suppliers and checking out the promotions.
  9.  As a member of the TravelQuest/Travel Leaders network, one of the largest travel companies in the U.S., we have strong relationships with travel suppliers across the globe. These connections help us offer perks not available when booking online, like free room upgrades and amenities, behind-the-scenes VIP tours and special offers and promotions not available anywhere else.
  10.  I help you find the best deals that make sense for your trip. I sort through all the specials out there and pass along only those that are great for you. For example – traveling with the kids? You probably don’t want three layovers and to have to drive hours to the resort once you land. We’d consider all that before giving you specials to choose from. Honeymooners? You probably don’t want to end up at Spring Break Central just because it was the best-looking price out there.
  11.  Every time you contact eTripits I pull the latest specials from all our suppliers to your destination so you don’t have to compulsively check the online travel sites to feel like you’re getting the best deal. Plus, having strong industry connections means I am able to get special pricing and exclusive deals to pass along to you.  And in most cases, eTripits is paid by the hotels and other companies, so my services are FREE for you.